CHITHARI a coastal village at Kasaragod dt, is located 4 KM away from Kanhangad City and 5 KM away from BEKAL FORT. The Chithari river which start from the eastern hills fall to arabian sea covering three part of Chithari. The west side end on 3 Km long Chithari beach and east side on Chalingal Cashew plant, In the North side Chithari bridge and south side is Manikoth village, where Manikoth Kazhi Hassainar Memorial Hospital, Manikoth Makaham and Madiyan koolom Temple situated. Some of the part of Chithari has acquired to BEKAL FORT toursim project to develop as boat journey, sunbathing anb others.

The name 'Chithari' mean "River rounded place" is derived from chuttum Arru (Arru = river) while years changed to decade the name of place get changed. Malayalam, Kannada, Urudu and Tulu are spoken people here.

Mainly chithari has 3 parts ie. 

Chithari Mohd. Haji, Shihab thangal, Khazi P.A. ...With the cosideration of population, range and the activities the south is the main part of chithari.

South Chithari Muslim Jam-ath is the Acclaimed organization which mange 4 mosque and 2 madrasa has branches in Abu dhabi Dubai, Sharjah & Saudi. The abu dhabi brach is very famous even from the people started to reached there, had been Privete Compound and Meeting hall in the Heart of Abu dhabi. As well as this is a First malayalee organization in The United Arab Emirates with the support of all malayalees.

This is a middle part of chithari. Under the noble leader ship of Center chithari Muslim Jama-ath, Himayathul Islam L.P. & UP School, Jam-ath high school, Himayathul Islam Madrasa, M4C's Library and girls guidence centre are working very well. From the starting onwards Chithari Jama-ath high school secure 95 % and more success at the Kerala Govt. Public Exam (SSLC). Thus and so pupils even from distant place reach here seeking quality and moral education.
Center Chithari Muslim Jam-ath is the Acclaimed organization which has branches in Abu dhabi & Sharjah.
Historically this is the mainpart of chithari. A well carved Khizr Mosque, was the first and ancient Mosque which was the sole Juma Masjid till Juma start at south chithri
Azeeziya madrasa, Chamundikunnu temple, Village office, Post office, Thoufeeque saw mill are included here.
Norcth Chithari Muslim Jam-ath is the Acclaimed organization which mange mosque and madrasa has branches in Abu dhabi & Sharjah.
F E S T I V A L S 
Eid-ul-Fithar, Eid-ul-Ad'ha (perunnal), Meeladunnabi, (Nabidinam) are the main festivals of Muslim community. On the days of perunnal (eid) people arrange 'Perunnal Feast' and try to feed maximum perosns, not only poor muslim but also Non muslims, and give Zakat (A Tax @ 2% for the whole wealth, to be given to poors or debtors...), Sadaka and Uluhiyyath to the poors to assure all of the socity must be feeded 'Perunnal feast'.

In the month of Ramzan villagers seemed very punctual in prayer, Interested giving contribution and deliver Zakath. these period even youth & children are concentrating learning Qur'an, take Fast (Nomb) and be away from the all possible sins (misbehave)

On the month of Rabiul Awwal (Muslim, Hijra Calender) from 12th on wards childrens sing and deliver speaches glorifiying Prophet Muhamamd (P.B.U.H.) and his incomparable life style, which leaded even cruel and enemies to well manner. In the days of Rabi-ul -awwal 12 all are gathered to get in involved in propogation and maximum try to obey prophet's directon.. 

Oanm, Vishu and Vinayakachadurthi are the main Hindu festivals of the different cast.

The chamundikunnu Kaliyattam celebration start with the colourful show step on from South chithari to North Chithari. While these held peoples are seemed very happy and enjoy in addition there is special programs on this priod those are Drama, Music night, Magic show, joke, dance, fair, fire and otheres attracting peole from all commucnity and watch it even losting night sleep.

Madiyan Kovilakam, Pattutsavam : Nine day annual festival in January. Highlights: Cultural and art performances, religious rites, grand elephant processions.

The Manikoth Makham Uroos is take palce at the neighber village with full support and participation of people of chithari on account of Spiritual memory of Hazrath Waliyullahi Hasainar thangal, once in the year.
The well known Orators and scholars participate and leade special communal prays and Dhikr majlis (praise God's gratification, a Muslim communal pray to Allah).

Athinhal Makham uroos, celeberate once in the year on accunt of the remembarance well know islamic propagator Assayid Samargandhi waliullah. It is held at the Nearside of Kanhangad, Bekal fort main road. In the festival time peoples from Muslim, Hindu communities are visiting and seek wishes. 

Muttumthala Makham uroos celeberate once in the year on remembarance Syed Is-haque Waliyyullah it is held on the west side of Chithari. As this is a good harmonial compound, many hindus visit along Muslims On the uroos period.

Poochakkad Makham uroos celeberate once in the year on remembarance Syed Khazi hasainar thangal who was khazi (a muslim judge) and well muslim scholar. 

Famous Orgainzer, IUML State Councilor 
  ABBAS BARIKKAD North Chithari
First Bsc Holder
SYS State Councilor 
HANEEFA North Chithari M.A. B.ED.
First Bed Holder
First M.F.B.
P.C. NAZAR South Chithari B.A.
First B.A. Holder
President Kanhangad Samyuktha Muslim Jam-ath
KUNHABDULLA Koolikkad B.SC, Pharmaist.
First Pharmacist
Principal Hayathul Islam Madreas 
MUSTHAFA C.M.Koolikkad B.Com. 
Regd. Tax Practitionor
Panchayath Executive officer
KHATHIM Chthari B.Tech (student)
First B.Tech Student
First Doctor.
MUJEEB Mubarak M..C.A. (student)
First M.C.A. Student
First Lady Doctor
First M.B.A. Student
First Advocate
MUHAMMAD SHAFI. K 'Mubarak' Chithari
First WEB Developer
First Engineer Dip.
[List Incomplete]
Agriculture is the prime source of villagers. People are busy with the cultivation of Paddy which cultivate here twice or thrice in the year, coconut which adorn all the prart of chithari, Cashew, fishing, Copra, many vegetable items, froots like jack froot, mango, banana, watermelon, Maize and The Tobacco which cultivate only here in the whole state of Kerala.
Economically it is mainly depend 'Gulf money' al most all youth people are working in gulf countries especially in UAE, Agriculture, Business, Construction, Contracting are other source least persons are working in Govt. Service. 
AIR : Nearest airport: Mangalore (55 km) Karipur international airport, Kozhikode (200 km) Kochi airport (390 km) to the south.

Rail: On the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Bombay route, 'KANHANGAD' railway station is 4 KM away from chithari. There almost all train has terminal.

Road: The Kasaragod - Chandragiri - Kanhangad Main road cover widely and has 5 bus stops and 1 Limited stop. From 'Kanhangad Bus stand which has 4 KM distand is the easiest and neareset bus stand there is bus avialbale each 10 minutes. 


Khazi P.A. Abdullah Moulavi
M.B. Moosa Haji
Muhammad Haneefa
Kakkoothikl Kunhabdullah haji

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